Young Living Essential Oils

Ready to start a new, healthier you? Young Living Essential Oils are the way to go! 

Hi I'm Sheena!

I first started using Young Living Essential Oils in January 2014. I've been super interested in going the whole natural route for a long time now, but never really knew anyone who used them. 

My sister got me started with a wholesale account and I anxiously awaited my first shipment. 

We've been healthier, happier and so surprised at how amazing these oils have been to us this past year! If you'd like to see our favorite essential oils, click here!


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are a natural way to promote healing and increase your health and wellness! You can use essential oils to make natural cleaning products or other natural products that you use on a daily basis. Because these are natural oils, they work with your body to heal and restore without any added chemicals or processing. 

Learn more about the start of Young Living here!

Why do you recommend Young Living?
Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade, meaning you can apply them topically, diffuse them or use internally! 

We have a Vitality line that's approved by the FDA and are labeled just for internal use! 

Young Living has their own farms, so they aren't exposed to pesticides through the growing process. They also distill their own product, so the quality is held to an amazing standard. 

Check out more about the Seed to Seal process here!

Not only does Young Living offer essential oils, but they also have personal care products, household products, supplements, food, pet productsbaby and kids products, makeup and so much more! Plus, it's all chemical free!!

You can browse through all of our Young Living products here!

Is the cost worth it?
Yes! We've saved tons of money by using these oils and other Young Living products for our every day needs! Each bottle holds so many drops of oil, a little goes a long way!

When you sign up with a wholesale account through Young Living, you are able to purchase the starter kit. This Premium Starter kit comes with 11 starter oils, a home diffuser, oil and Ningxia Red samples and other various reading materials. This is a phenomenal deal! Over $300 retail value for $160!

You also get wholesale pricing on future orders (24%) and are required to only spend $50 per year to keep your wholesale status! 

Also, if you sign up for Young Living's Essential Rewards program, you get a percentage of your purchase back to spend on future orders and reduced shipping! The only requirement for Essential Rewards, spend $50 PV per month! 

Plus, you can get free oils every month with your order by spending only $100 PV!

Signing up is super easy!

1. Click Here to get Started!

2. I recommend the Wholesale Membership because you will receive Wholesale Pricing and access to the starter kits! There are no strings attached with the Wholesale Membership, no monthly order required (only have to spend $50 a year!), and you will receive 24% off the retail cost! If you select “Retail Customer” you will not receive these great discounts!

I recommend the Premium Starter Kit! It's a great value! Over $300 retail value for $160! (pictured above)

Plus, if you sign up with the wholesale membership and purchase the starter kit, you will receive a fun gift pack from me that includes a book on how to make your own chemical free products, empty rollers, foamer and perfume bottles, recipes for rollers and diffuser blends, info on diluting oils, a free 5ml vitality oil and much more

Plus, access to an exclusive Facebook group of over 17,000 members! I use the search function in the group all the time to find answers to any essential oils questions I have! It's a priceless resource! I'm also available for support any time you need me for questions, comments and anything else you can think of! I want you to succeed on your oily journey!

Also if you're in the St Cloud, Minnesota area, and spend 100pv in a month at anytime, you'll receive a free Zyto scan that month from me!

4. Wait patiently for your new oils to arrive!! Once you join, my contact info will be visible in your member account and your gift package will be arriving soon too! Yay!

I really hope you decide to take a step in the oily direction and join my amazing Young Living team! If you have any questions now, please click the email me button here!

Also, if you choose, you can even build your own Young Living business! I'd love to teach you more!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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