DIY Epsom Bath Salts Using Essential Oils

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Hey everyone! I am SO excited to do my first post here at Mama Loves Her Oils!! I hope you give this fun DIY a try! It's great for yourself, or an even better gift for friends and family! 

Have you ever wondered what to do with your essential oil bottles when they're empty? I have the perfect solution for you!

Make some essential oil epsom bath salts! This is really almost too easy to do and you will have a great smelling bath or use it for a foot bath to do your own spa pedicures at home!! The last batch I made I used Cinnamon Bark and it is now one of my new favorite bath scents! I picked up the cute little bottles in the picture from my local Goodwill, and they would be super cute gifted just like that with a ribbon tied around the cover.

DIY Epsom Bath Salts

What you need:
Empty or almost empty Young Living Essential Oil bottles with oil residue still inside
epsom salts
mason jars with lids, or any other glass container with lid
additional drops of Young Living Essential Oils if you prefer a stronger scent

Fill a mason jar half full with epsom salts. Add empty essential oil bottles. Fill the rest of the jar with additional epsom salts. Cover and shake once a day for the next couple days to combine oil and salts. Check after a few days, if you like more scent, then add additional drops of essential oils. Shake again to distribute throughout the jar.

My favorite essential oils to use for bath salts are: Joy, White Angelica, Peace and Calming, Lavender, Peppermint and Oola Balance. You can also explore with more than one oil and make some great new combinations!

When using, add one cup of DIY Epsom Bath Salts to your running bath water or stir in 1/2 cup into your foot bath for a spa pedicure! Relax and enjoy!

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